Employee Handbook

The Fairmont State University Employee Handbook is intended to be a helpful guide to questions you may have about your employment at Fairmont State. It is not a comprehensive manual of all policies and procedures, but it answers many basic questions and can direct you to the right sources of additional information.

Policies and procedures will change from time to time to accommodate changes in circumstances and applicable law. At any given time, existing policy and law will prevail over inadvertent error or outdated material in the Handbook.  Human Resources tries to update the Handbook every two years when possible. 

The responsibility for interpretation of any material or information contained within the Handbook is delegated to the Human Resources Office.  When questions or concerns arise, the employee should contact the Human Resources Office for more information or personally consult the laws, policies and rules mentioned herein.  Please note that you can access the full list and text of Fairmont State’s Board of Governors’-approved policies at http://www.fairmontstate.edu/aboutfsu/board-governors/policies-and-procedures.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for future editions, and request that you direct them to the Office of Human Resources at 304-367-4386.

Cynthia S. (Cindy) Curry, CCP, SPHR
Asst. VP of HR, Safety, and Campus/Community Relations

Download Employee Handbook (PDF)