Contact Information - Administrative Offices

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Building names & abbreviations are listed at the bottom of the page.

Title Phone Office Name
Office of the President (304) 367-4151 HB 222  
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs (304) 367-4101 HB 210 Dr. Dianna Phillips
Executive Director of Academic Programs (304) 367-4098 HB 208 Dr. Susan Ross
Vice President for Administrative and Fiscal Affairs (304) 367-4101 HB 323 Ms. Christa Kwiatkowski
Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Operations (304) 367-4832 HB 224 Merri Incitti
Director of Physical Plant (304) 367-4110 PP  
Director of Athletics (304) 367-4220 FC 301 Mr. Greg Bamberger
VP for University Relations and Marketing (304) 367- 4135 TC 215  
Dean of Continuing Education and Coordinator of Dual-enrollment Programs (304) 368-7002 CPC 206B Dr. Richard Harvey
Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships (304) 367-4826 TC 303N Ms. Tresa Weimer
Interim Director of Library Services (304) 367-4122 LI Ms. Sharon Mazure
Director of Recruitment (304) 367-4054 TC 105  
Coordinator of Academic Advising (304) 367-4709 TC 317  
Registrar (304) 367-4141 TC 317 Ms. Lori Schoonmaker




Building Names & Abbreviations

BP Bryant Place
CH Colebank Hall
CPC Charles Pointe Center
EC Erickson Alumni Center
ED Ed, Health Careers, Home Econ
ET Engineering Tech Building
FAL Falcon Center
FC Feaster Center
HB Hardway Hall
HH Hunt Haught Hall
JH Jaynes Hall
LI Library
MOR Morrow Hall
MT Robert C Byrd Aerospace Center Bridgeport, WV
PEN Pence Hall
PP Physical Plant
PRI Prichard Hall
TC Turley Student Services Center
WH Wallman Hall