Students Invited to Participate in Wellness Program

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College students are invited to sign up for the spring 2013 session of the Wellness Program. 

The program is a free nine-week course that offers students personal training and educational opportunities to learn about nutrition. Applications for the upcoming session of the Wellness Program must be turned in no later than Wednesday, Dec. 12.

“The Wellness Program is designed to give students the opportunity to make their first step toward changing their lifestyle,” said Brittany Tallhamer, the coordinator of the Wellness Program.

There are six components of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, social and mental health. The program helps participants to improve a few of the components through the activities and opportunities it includes.

In addition to meeting with trainers two to three times a week, participants also will have the chance to meet with a licensed nutritionist. Some of the activities will include nutrition and stress lectures; food demos; group fitness classes; a 5-K charity walk; a scavenger hunt around campus; “Be like Yogi” yoga with Robin Yeager, Director of the Falcon Center; and an EQI stress test given by Andrea Pammer, Director of Counseling and Disability Services. Pammer will give a lecture based on the results of this test and also will offer counseling to the participants if they should need or want it. Participants can sign up for extra sessions in Colebank Hall.  

“This program is designed to help the participant by providing a personal trainer and nutritionist so that they aren't alone in the process. The participants get to know each other and feel more comfortable working out when there is a group participating in the activity. Students are also encouraged to sign up with friends. The more support you have the more successful you will be,” Tallhamer said.

The Wellness Program is about making a lifestyle change and succeeding. There are other activities to help participants meet the goals such as “Smart Choices at the Grocery Store” or “Healthy Choices at the Café.” At these activities, a nutrition intern will either go grocery shopping or eat in the cafeteria with the participants and discuss the healthy food options that are available to them.

“The benefit of this program would be the opportunity to change your lifestyle for the better. It is designed so that the students will lose weight, have an increased self-confidence and an increased life-span because of physical activity and healthy eating,” Tallhamer said.

The Wellness Program provides benefits for both its participants and their trainers.

“I know going into this that all students won't make the dedication to changing their lifestyle, but every day I wake up knowing that there is a chance of changing one person's life. It makes every second worth it. I couldn't express how happy it makes the trainers, Robin Yeager and men when we see participants start to lose weight and gain their self-confidence back,” Tallhamer said.

“I know I haven’t lost a lot of pounds or inches, but I have gained confidence. I had forgotten how strong I was and that I could actually do this. I am no longer scared to go into the gym and work hard. It has helped me to not feel so out of place as a non-traditional student and has forced me to stop hiding and start living again,” said Amina Hick, a participant in the program.

“Through this journey, I have learned way more from [the participants] than I could have ever been taught in a classroom. This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had,” said Nikki Nuzum, a trainer in the fall session of the program.  

Students interested in participating can register online at

  For more information, contact or call (304) 368-7209.