Forensic Science minor approved by faculty senate

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

During February’s Faculty Senate meeting, Fairmont State University’s forensic science program received approval for the creation of a Forensic and Investigative Science minor. This is only the second program of its kind in West Virginia.

"The forensic science program is excited to develop this collaboration with the criminal justice program to offer the forensic investigative science minor here at Fairmont State,” said Dr. Mark Flood, coordinator of the forensic science program. “We believe this will help more students develop their interests at the interface of these two closely related career fields."  

In 2018, the College Choice ranked Fairmont State’s program as the 11th "Best Forensic Science Program" in the country. Beginning Fall 2019 students can add the Forensic Investigative Science minor to any major. This program is open to all students, except Forensic Science majors. 

“This is a rare opportunity that allows students to take courses such as crime scene investigation, introduction to forensic science, and forensic biology,” said Kristy Henson, professor of forensic science. “It is an opportunity for students to learn and apply real techniques used in forensics.” 

Along with the new forensic investigative science minor, the forensic science program announced the addition of the following specialty courses: human osteology, forensic anthropology, forensic toxicology, forensic taphonomy, and fingerprint analysis. 

Anyone interested in pursing a degree in forensic science or adding the new major onto their degree, please contact the Forensic Science Program Director, Dr. Mark Flood. He can be reached at