President Martin honored by legislators for her dedication during the legislative session

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fairmont State University President Mirta M. Martin was recognized by Marion County legislators during Thursday’s Board of Governors meeting.  Del. Michael Angelucci and Del. Linda Longstreth presented a plaque for the consistent and tireless work Martin did on behalf of higher education during the legislative session. 

“On behalf of the House of Delegates, and I’m sure the senators would say the same, we want the Board of Governors to know that President Martin worked so hard for Fairmont State during this year’s session,” said Longstreth. 

While the legislators seldomly saw any other college presidents, Angelucci said they saw President Martin on a regular basis. He noted that she spent over an hour one day explaining her funding formula to Senator Caputo and him so they were able to lobby their other colleagues to ensure Fairmont State did not get a cut in funding.

“She was truly inspirational in that making sure Fairmont State was protected,” Angelucci said. “She spent hours upon hours developing a funding formula that I know the education committee took to heart and they used part of that formula to secure the money for Fairmont State.” 

Longstreth emphasized the importance of the work President Martin did by helping to not only educate the legislators but also advocate for higher education. 

“You let us know the concerns and that’s what we need to know. We have so many things to worry about and think about that we don’t know some things pass by,” she said. “We want to thank you for all of your hard work and just want to tell you how much we appreciate you.”

Fellow delegate, Mike Caputo, was unable to attend due to traveling out-of-state.