Fairmont State University’s Chemistry Program receives ACS Approval

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The American Chemical Society Committee on Professional Training recently extended continuation of its approval to Fairmont State University’s chemistry program. The approval is the result of the committee’s periodic review, a process which is conducted every six years to assess the ability of colleges and universities to prepare their students for successful employment as professional scientists.  

“We are really happy about this news. It’s a lot of work to maintain approval, from curriculum and infrastructure to safety, reporting and assessment,” Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Erica Harvey said.  

To achieve approval, faculty and staff met regularly for the past year to compile, analyze and summarize information in a report that they submitted to the ACS. The report was evaluated based on the chemistry program’s adherence to guidelines set forth by the ACS, which include factors such as the quality of the program’s faculty, infrastructure and curriculum.  

According to the ACS, “Approved programs offer their students a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that provides them with the intellectual, experimental and communication skills necessary to become successful scientific professionals.” 

“We strive to offer a transformative, quality academic experience,” said Mirta M. Martin, Fairmont State University President. “Approvals like this are vital to our programs. They reassure students and their families that their investment in a Fairmont State education is sound. They know they’re not just getting a degree – they’re learning in an approved curriculum and from expert teacher-mentors who have gained the seal of approval via a rigorous assessment process.” 

Fairmont State is one of just four institutions in the state that boasts ACS approval, a designation that Harvey says distinguishes the University’s graduates from their peers.  

“Our B.S. Chemistry graduates are certified by the ACS, which sets them apart in job searches,” said Harvey, who also noted that ACS approval enables the university to attract high-quality faculty and students. “It is a mark of institutional excellence that goes beyond just the chemistry program.”    

Fairmont State welcomed two new faculty and one new staff member to its chemistry program last fall with the additions of Dr. JoJo Joseph, Dr. Kayla Lantz and stockroom manager Janice Robinette, who join long-time faculty Dr. Matt Scanlon and Harvey as well as chemistry lab coordinator Jim Weekley.  

The American Chemical Society is an international society of over 155,000 chemists that provides high-quality, peer-reviewed information about chemistry. It serves as the certifying body for the 690 chemistry programs that currently exist in the United States.