Debate Team Attends National Tournament

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Fairmont State Intercollegiate Debate Team closed out the season by attending the National Forensic Association’s Championship Tournament at the University of Akron in Akron, Ohio, on April 14-16.

Chris Sharps, an oral communication major from Boone County, W.Va., and Jon Fox, a senior psychology and oral communication major from Fairmont, participated in the tournament. The duo qualified for the tournament by advancing to elimination rounds in the West Virginia Intercollegiate Forensic Association state tournament and by winning the tournament at Bridgewater College.

Eighty-eight debaters from 65 different schools took part in the tournament. Ashley Stevens from Grafton, W.Va., also qualified for the tournament but was unable to attend. Other members of the 2004-05 debate team are Jennifer Cogar, Sarah Grumblatt, Lauren Zirk, Brett Harper, Heather Musgrove and Maria Mutafis. The members of the 2005-06 debate team are Christina Soles, Aaron Kropog, Jennifer Cogar, Heather Musgrove, Nathan Bryant, Terry Meeks, Ashley Stevens and Chris Sharps. Sharps will serve as team captain; Kropog and Cogar will be the webmasters; and Stevens will serve as team historian.

The Intercollegiate Debate Team is open to all FS students in good academic standing. The team is coached by former FS debater Kimberly Helmick Korcsmaros. For more information about the debate team, e-mail or call the School of Fine Arts at (304) 367-4219.