Fairmont State Honors Faculty and Staff During Virtual Award Ceremonies

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

As Fairmont State prepares to celebrate the University’s graduates at Spring Commencement Ceremonies, University Leadership has recognized faculty and staff for their contributions and achievements throughout the academic year and beyond. Fairmont State faculty were virtually celebrated on Friday, April 9, while a separate virtual ceremony was held on Friday, April 16 to recognize the University’s staff.

Dr. Jason Noland, Chair of the Faculty Development Committee, outlined the selection process for the Faculty Achievement awards.

“The awards that will be given today have a long history at Fairmont State and are coveted by faculty,” Noland said. “The selection process is always difficult because each faculty member is equally worthy. This ceremony is also meant to recognize our colleagues who have had a continued presence on campus over time for years of service. These faculty members are the true keepers of institutional knowledge.”

Several were granted awards during the faculty celebration. Those honored included:

  • Kristy Henson, Assistant Professor of Forensic Science – the Fairmont State Foundation Grant
  • Dr. Christy Haney, Assistant Professor of Nutrition – the Fairmont State Foundation Fellow Grant
  • Dr. Theresa Jones, Associate Professor of Nursing – Faculty Recognition Award
  • Jim Davis, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Dr. Ashley Shroyer, Associate Professor of Nursing – Harold and Roselyn Williamson Straight Awards
  • James Vassil, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Technology – William A. Boram Award
  • Travis Wamsley, Assistant Professor of Nursing – Outstanding Advisor

Interim Provost, Dr. Richard Stephens, recognized faculty members for their years of service, ranging from 20 – 35 years.

20 years of service:

  • Philip Freeman
  • Dr. Francene Kirk
  • Dr. Valerie Morphew

25 years of service:

  • Kirk Morphew
  • Dr. Steven Roof
  • Chuck Shields

30 years of service:

  • Ellen Condron
  • Dr. Tim Oxley

35 years of service:

  • Dr. Harry Baxter

Faculty retirees from the University were also honored by Stephens during the ceremony including Dr. Harry Baxter, Jennifer Boggess, Thomas McLaughlin, Dr. Rhonda Sanford, Dr. “Budd” Sapp, Dr. Craig White, Ellen Condron, Dr. Leland George, Dr. Sharon Smith, Dr. Phil Yeager and Dr. Debra Hoag.

“It’s amazing how well this institution works, and part of that is carried by how our faculty maintains the essential values of Fairmont State,” Stephens said. “Your focus is on students – you are doing what needs to be done and you are doing it at a very high level.”

During the staff ceremony on Friday, April 16, Staff Council Chair, George Herrick, described Fairmont State staff members as the University’s ‘unsung heroes.’

“One of the great aspects of being Staff Council Chair, is that I get to acknowledge the wonderful things you do every day as part of your jobs that makes everything on this campus possible,” Herrick said.

Staff Council awarded the newly established “Staff Member of the Year Award,” to Dan Singleton Technology Specialist in the Information Technology Department. Singleton received several nominations for the award and was particularly noted for his assistance while the University worked to transition to remote operations last spring and his efforts to maintain the connectivity needs of the Falcon Family while on and off campus during the pandemic.

Employees were also recognized for years of service to the state as of June 30, 2019 and June 30, 2020, ranging from five to 40 years. Staff retirees were honored as well including Karen Yarnell, Brian Richards, Cathy Basagic and Deborah Stiles.

Five years of service:

  • Rachel Claypool (2019)
  • Sandra Coleman (2019)
  • Corey Hunt (2019)
  • Matthew Offutt (2019)
  • Jennifer Stackpole (2019)
  • Chris Thomas (2019)
  • Lyvon Thompson (2019)
  • Stephanie Anderson (2020)
  • Marshall Arnett (2020)
  • Craig Crimm (2020)
  • Bryan Griffin (2020)
  • Alexis Keller (2020)
  • Michael Koton (2020)
  • Samuel Price (2020)

10 years of service:

  • Stephanie DeGroot (2019)
  • Jessica Kropog (2019)
  • Christa Kwiatkowski (2019)
  • Katie Mallonee (2019)
  • Carla Marshall (2019)
  • Jeff Miller (2019)
  • Chad Seese (2019)
  • Bryan Spitzer (2019)
  • Ashley Tasker (2019)
  • John Nigh (2020)

15 years of service:

  • Sherry Baldwin (2019)
  • Alicia Kalka (2019)
  • Robert Lemon (2019)
  • Donna Trickett (2019)
  • Brenda Johnson (2020)
  • David Joseph (2020)
  • Tina Mascaro (2020)
  • Marvin Miller (2020)
  • Debora Renick (2020)
  • Daniel Singleton (2020)
  • Erich Sorenson (2020)

20 years of service:

  • Cinda Ewing (2019)
  • Tammy Winston (2019)
  • Karen Yarnell (2019)
  • Patricia DeNoon (2020)
  • Alexander Eggett (2020)
  • Cheri Gonzalez (2020)
  • Rebecca Miller (2020)
  • Dennis Mitchell (2020)
  • Lori Schoonmaker (2020)

25 years of service:

  • Dalene Horner (2019)
  • Cathy Basagic (2020)
  • Matthew Jacques (2020)
  • Roy Lewis (2020)
  • Stephen McDonald (2020)

30 years of service:

  • Maria Marhsall (2019)
  • Sandra Shriver (2019)
  • Kimberly McCourt (2020)

40 years of service:

  • Brian Richards (2019)
  • Deborah Stiles (2020)

The University’s COVID Task Force was also honored for their leadership, guidance and tireless work throughout the pandemic, comprised of: Matt Swain, Alicia Kalka, Bob Cable, Brian Spitzer, Chelsea Collins, Cindy Curry, Elizabeth McCutcheon, Jacqui Sikora, Melissa Goldstein, Natasha Wamsley and Tina Mascaro.

Fairmont State President, Dr. Mirta M. Martin, acknowledged both groups of employees during the ceremonies, extending thanks for their efforts and commitment to the Falcon Family.

“This has indeed been a year filled with memories, with first times and with milestones,” said Mirta M. Martin, Fairmont State University president. “I am very grateful for what we have achieved as a Falcon Family. Please accept my sincere gratitude for your service to Fairmont State University, for your service to each other, for your service to our home, our Falcon Family.”