Fairmont State Alumni Association Welcomes New Board Members

Wednesday, July 07, 2021

The Fairmont State Alumni Association serves as the non-profit organization that engages and works to build relationships between Fairmont State University and alumni, and has recently announced the addition of ten new board members.

“The Fairmont State Alumni Association is such an important – and impactful – engine in the Falcon Family,” said Mirta M. Martin, Fairmont State University President. “They are an engine that transforms the love and passion of our alumni into institutional support. I’m thrilled to welcome the newest members, and I look forward to the relationships they’ll foster, the energy they’ll inject into the Association and the lasting impact they’ll have on Fairmont State University.”

Those beginning their tenure on the Fairmont State Alumni Association Board of Directors include Diane Burnside, Jamie Kosik, Issac Lambert, Stacia Martin, Mitch Moore, Lauren Pearson, Misty Rohaly, Jared Rogers, Tina Shaw and Mary Lynn Westfall.

“As President of the Fairmont State University Alumni Association, it is truly my pleasure to welcome these new board members to our organization. We know that they will bring meaningful energy to our organization and are grateful for their willingness to serve,” said Mary Jo Thomas, Fairmont State Alumni Association Board of Directors.

  • Burnside is a 1974 graduate of Fairmont State who currently serves as the Principal of Fairmont Catholic School. She fills the vacancy left by her father, Frank Pulice, Jr., a long-time alumni board member.
  • Kosik graduated from Fairmont State in 1988 and is the Director of Facilities for the WVU Health Science Center.
  • Lambert is a 2017 graduate of Fairmont State and currently serves as a Systems Engineer for Agile5 Technologies.
  • Martin serves as the Executive Vice President, Administration for Fairmont Federal Credit Union and graduated from Fairmont State in 1983. 
  • Moore completed his degree at Fairmont State in 2016 and is now an Associate Attorney for Steptoe & Johnson, PLLC.
  • Pearson is a homemaker and graduated from Fairmont State in 2002. 
  • Rohaly is a 2001 graduate of Fairmont State and works as a realtor at Keystone Realty.  
  • Rogers, a 2008 graduate, is an Electrical Estimator for Rogers Electrical.
  • Shaw serves as the President of the Marion County Chamber of Commerce and graduated from Fairmont State in 1982. 
  • Westfall is a 1992 Fairmont State graduate and serves as the Principal of East Fairmont High School. 

“These new board members have a deep passion for Fairmont State University and have represented us well across a diverse industry as alumni,” said Jeremy Hatcher, Fairmont State University Director of Alumni Relations. “Their perspective will help us navigate new challenges facing the University and our alumni.”

The Alumni Association invites the community to submit nominations for alumni achievement awards. To submit a nomination, visit www.fairmontstate.edu/alumninominations.