Northcentral Regional Science and Engineering fair winners announced

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

On Saturday, February 11 Fairmont State University hosted the 2023 Northcentral Regional Science and Engineering fair in Falcon Center Gym 1. Approximately 55 students from schools in Upshur, Harrison, Monongalia, Preston, Gilmer and Tucker counties presented at the fair. 

“Competing in the science fair is not only fun, but the best way to learn science,” said Fairmont State Education Outreach Specialist Josh Revels. “When considering experimental design and acting as a scientist, participants learn how to investigate questions through the process of scientific inquiry. Learning how to acquire scientific knowledge is a valuable skill on its own; however, obtaining scientific knowledge directly improves society as well as our individual quality of life we experience.” 

The fair was divided into three divisions: division I consisted of elementary students, division II consisted of middle school students, and division III consisted of high school students. Each division was comprised of a variety of science and engineering topics, and winners selected for each category. Winners of each division will go on to compete in the state competition, which will happen on March 6 at the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center.

Division I categories and winners 

Animal Sciences - Gianna Monteleon “At What Age Do Kids Start to Look Like Their Parents?” 

Behavioral and Social Sciences - Krista Collins “Give Me A Hand” 

Chemistry - Landon Leach “Is Brand Best?” 

Earth & Environmental Sciences - Ava Waters “Wonders of Water” 

Energy - Michaelan Wolfe “Poop Power” 

Engineering - Isaac Spurling “Incandescent Lightbulb” 

Mathematics & Data - Vada Walsh “Card Shuffle” 

Physics & Astronomy - Wade Riley “How Different Pitches Affect the Throw” 

Plant Sciences - Addison Plum, Ashden Plum, and Kyra Spiker “Growing Plants with Various Liquids” 

Division II categories and winners 

Animal Sciences - Dmitry Miller “Time to Fly” 

Behavioral & Social Sciences - Zayden McClurg & Miriam Spencer “The Effects of Colors on Test Scores” 

Chemistry - Kaelyn Williams and Kyanna Williams “Salt: The Enemy of Snow Days” 

Earth & Environmental Sciences - A.C. Ritchie “Don't Sneeze on Me” 

Materials Science - Ciara Arbogast “Types of Insulation” 

Medical Sciences - Allyson Day “Do Identical Twins Have More Similar Fingerprints?” 

Plant Sciences - Jacob Smith-Tatham “How Does Light Affect Plants?” 

Division III categories and winners 

Animal Sciences - Taryn Veltri “Pip.Zip.POP!” 

Behavioral & Social Sciences - Marcos Kniska “Visual Search” 

Biomedical & Health Sciences - Kaden Hayes “Reaction Time: Was it: ‘Mint’ to Make Me Faster?” 

Chemistry - Lauren Shen “Assessing the Habitability of Exoplanets” 

Computational Biology & Bioinformatics - Douglas Liu “Examining the Relationship Between Air Pollution and Lung Cancer Deaths” 

Earth & Environmental Sciences - Michael Romano “Trash the Ash” 

Energy: Sustainable Materials & Design - Jeremy Sisler “Do Different Dyes Effect the Solar Sensitivity of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells?” 

Physics & Astronomy - Hallie Simmons “Meltdown” 

Systems Software - Grace Yan “Yellow to Green: An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach to Bus Route Redistribution?” 

Translational Medical Sciences - Colson Manko “Dissolving Drugs” 

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