Fairmont State Healthcare Management student receives WVU Medicine internship

Monday, March 06, 2023

Fairmont State University Healthcare Management student Bryce McCoy has been accepted into WVU Medicine’s competitive Health Informatics internship. The junior and Ravenswood, West Virginia native is set to begin her internship this May working with the Clinical Application and Software training team.

“I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of this internship because it will allow me to explore the IT side of healthcare, furthering my career with WVU Medicine,” said McCoy. “Throughout the internship, I hope to gain insight into real-world scenarios that can be applied within my career.”

Working with the Clinical Application and Software Application training team consists of improving provider, nurse and ancillary workflows to obtain efficient access to patient medical records. To be admitted to the internship, McCoy had to undergo several major interviews with WVU Medicine HR representatives and IT department heads to verify she was a good fit for the program based on her education from Fairmont State and her personal interests.

McCoy is the second Healthcare Management student to be accepted into the program, continuing the legacy of Fairmont State students participating in the summer internship. Fairmont State Healthcare Management Program Director, Dr. Raymond Alvarez reiterates the opportunity this internship provides and how Fairmont State students can bring an efficient perspective to WVU Medicine’s team.

"Bryce is our second Healthcare Management student to be selected into this new program,” said Alvarez. “This opportunity for learning is housed within the WVU Hospital's Information Technology system. It's vast and complex, so having exposure to this as a student provides unique opportunities. I feel our students are more competitive as they come with a sound grounding of healthcare management and information systems."

To learn more about Fairmont State’s Healthcare Management program visit www.fairmontstate.edu/news/BSHealthcareManagement.