Student Success Is Our First Priority

Vital service departments are housed in the Turley Student Services Center. Their staff members help students stay on track, up to date and aware of deadlines to succeed at Fairmont State University.

The following departments, housed in the Turley Student Services Center, work in coordination to serve our most valuable client – our students:

  • Student Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Admissions Processing
  • Recruiting
  • International Student Services
  • Office of Student Success
  • Honors Program and Lab
  • Office of Vice President of Student Success

Student Services oversee a number of areas that are crucial to student success. Staff members will assist you with:

  • Application process
  • General registration and scheduling information
  • Financial Aid
  • Student account payments and inquiries
  • Transcript requests

Additional Turley Student Services Center departments include:


Our recruiters spend their time highlighting what’s best about Fairmont State and informing potential students of the academic programs, social organizations and even extracurricular activities meet their needs to choose and graduate from FSU.

International Student Services

International Student Services staff members organize advising, tutoring, health services and more for our diverse student population.  Goals include supporting international education, welcoming and assisting international students and arranging study abroad for native students.

Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success coordinates strategic programs, initatives, and outreach efforts, all designed to support student transition, persistence, and success. Student Success staff recognize that student success is defined in a number of ways and attempts to address all aspects of college student development (academic, social, personal, etc.). The work of the Student Success Team can be categorized into three distinct, interconnected realms: The First Year Experience, Parent and Family Programs and Student Progress and Success Initiatives.

Honors Program/Lab

The Fairmont State University Honors program exists for students who want the additional challenge of courses designed to deepen and expand intellectual growth. Honors students participate in academic and social events where critical thinking is encouraged and expected. The lab is a place for students to meet to complete additional work and consult with Honors program organizers and fellow Honor students.