Registration is determined by completed (earned hours) with graduates, seniors, post-graduates and special priority registration groups going first, followed by Juniors, Sophomores then Freshman. All registration times begin at 8:00am.

The determination of class level for registration is as follows:

  • Senior - More than 90 hours earned
  • Junior - 60-89 hours earned
  • Sophomore - 30-59 hours earned
  • Freshman - 0-29 hour earned

Important Registrar Dates

Important dates for the full* Spring 2023 term are as follows:

  • First day of Classes - January 17, 2023
  • Schedule Changes - Add/Drop Classes - January 17-23, 2023
  • Midterm - March 3, 2023
  • Spring Break (No Classes) - March 6-10, 2023
  • Last Day to Drop a Class - April 10, 2023
  • Last Day to Withdraw from the Institution - April 24, 2023

*Please see more importants dates and deadlines for the other parts of term here.

Students regardless of rank may register themselves for classes during their registration window. Please note: you will not be able to add or drop a course in self-service if you have a hold on your account. You may still request to drop a course by contacting the Turley Student Services Center at 367-4141 and completing a drop request form.

Students must meet with their advisor - EACH SEMESTER - to receive an individual pin number before scheduling classes. 

Students who have declared majors must meet with their assigned advisors in their major. Academic Pathway students must meet with an advisor in the Office of Advising, Room 248 Hardway Hall, by appointment.

It remains vitally important that you meet with your academic advisor before you schedule your classes. Your advisor will help to ensure that you take courses** in the appropriate order to increase the likelihood that you will graduate within your timeframe. Some courses are offered only once per year or once every two years. Working with your advisor will ensure you don't miss a needed course. Your advisor can also serve as a mentor, providing valuable information about your chosen field.

**Open Educational Resource (OER) is a general term referring to little or no cost for the student using open-sourced, open-copyrighted materials. Such materials could include textbooks, open-source materials, printing costs, data base access etc. You may find a list of courses with low-cost and no-cost instructional resources here

Students may also review the Registration Guide or the Planning Your Schedule Guide for additional information.